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All-Brite Glass specializes in customized residential window replacement. We’ve provided our residential window customers with excellent service for decades, so you can count on All-Brite Glass.


Fogged windows are a common problem for homeowners. Insulated glass windows – also known as thermal pane, double-paned glass, triple-paned glass, or simply insulated glass – can lose their seal over time and cause windows to fog up or drip with condensation. Once a seal fails, moisture is trapped between the panes, disrupting your view in a haze of fog.

Panes in proper condition are separated by an air-sealed space. This reduces energy transfer in and out of a home or building, creating a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass, which lowers utility costs. When your glass is fogging up, the gas or air has escaped via the failed seal, allowing a small amount of water to create the fog.

Panes in proper condition are separated by an air-sealed space. This reduces energy transfer in and out of a home or building, creating a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass, which lowers utility costs. When your glass is fogging up, the gas or air has escaped via the failed seal, allowing a small amount of water to create the fog.

There are a number of solutions for your foggy window problem, each with varying costs. You can replace your windows, but that can get expensive. Learning to live with the fog costs nothing, but it’s visually unappealing and less energy efficient. The best option is to hire a trusted glass company for window glass restoration and repair.

Repairing the glass portion of the window leaves all of the existing frame or window components in place and allows the simple removal and replacement of the glass unit. Ninety % of the time, the glass can be replaced to exactly match the piece being removed. Selecting an experienced glass expert is the key. Allbrite Glass has over 30 years of experience, great references, and a proven track record.


Whether you want to make a smaller room appear more spacious or need a decorative piece for a large room, All-Brite Glass can custom design and fabricate a Mirrored Wall. Intelligently designed mirrors not only add space to a room, but also brighten it by reflecting lighting. All-Brite Glass supplies several types of mirrors, including safety-back, antique, tinted, one-way, and closet door mirrors.


Antiquing of mirrors is an artistic silvering process, resulting in a unique work of art. All-Brite Glass works with some of the most innovative and respected artists in this field.


Our bathroom vanity mirrors add style and functional to your bathroom, while saving space. All-Brite Glass carries a variety of bathroom vanity mirrors and customizes them to your specific needs.


Custom-designed Wall Mirrors are the perfect way to add style to your home.


Fireplace and mantel mirrors are a great option to fill space above your fireplace.


Custom bar mirrors are a great addition to your home bar. Whether complemented by our glass shelves or standing alone, our custom glass mirrors provide the perfect solution.


One-way mirrors, sometimes called two-way mirrors, are reflective on one side and transparent on the other. The perception of one-way transmission is achieved when one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other side is dark. This allows viewing from the darkened side but not the other. All-Brite Glass can help you use these for smart mirrors, TV mirrors, and in a variety of security applications.


All-Brite Glass table tops are both functional and pleasing to the eye as decorative furnishings. We offer a number of standard table designs that can be hand-crafted in any size and shape, with a variety of edges. The glass can be clear, frosted, tinted, or manufactured to give the appearance of stone or marble. Once cut, the pieces can be etched, beveled, or decorated to meet any homeowner specification.

Glass table tops and shelves provide a sleek, easy-to-maintain surface, with availability in all shapes and sizes. They are elegant, stylish, practical, and as easy to customize as they are to clean. Protect the investment you have in your beautiful furniture with a glass top, cut to fit. Our glass table tops will shield the surface, while letting the beauty shine through.


A sliding glass door is a gateway to the outdoors. All-Brite Glass has several different styles available, each adding form, function, and value to a crucial part of your home.

These are doors that fit into tight spaces more efficiently than swinging/hinged doors because their panels don’t open into your room. They glide horizontally and are often configured with one or more operating panels and one stationary panel, combining great style with functionality. Our sliding glass doors offer smooth operation, performance, and durability.


Add a sunny, relaxing sanctuary to your home with All-Brite Glass custom porch and patio enclosures. You’ll enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about the weather.

A screened in porch lets the breeze in and keeps the bugs out. But the screens have to be in good shape. For window screens that fit like a glove, reach out to All-Brite Glass. We will send an expert technician to get your screens in great shape. Options include pet-resistant screens, retractable screens, sliding screen doors, and more. You can choose between aluminum or fiberglass window screen material.


Glass is becoming the material of choice for the kitchen. All-Brite Glass’s back-painted backsplashes and countertops can give your space a dose of color and originality while adding depth and expansiveness. The properties of the glass, with its non-porous window surface, also prevents mould and bacteria.

Transform your kitchen with sleek, modern glass countertops and glass backsplashes. Glass in the kitchen adds contemporary flair and elegance, and is easy to clean. There are endless options to choose from in terms of texture, thickness, and colour, as well as edge treatment.


Glass adds glamour to your office, not just at work, but also in the home. Glass takes up less visual space, so small areas appear more open. Interior glass partitions, interior glass doors, glass top desks, these are our specialty. Modern or traditional, tinted or clear, crackled or beveled, tempered or annealed, we’ve got the glass you.


All-Brite Glass is the ultimate source for decorative glass options. Decorative glass can be used throughout the home, including shower enclosures, tabletops, shelves, cabinet inserts, and more.


In flat glass, like mirrors, tabletops, and shelves, you can specify the preferred type of edgework. Opting for no edgework leaves sharp edges, so that would only be recommended if all raw edges are completely concealed in a frame.

Seamed edges are produced by light sanding. The finish is non-uniform and appears almost wavy. In thinner pieces of glass, like 1/8” (or double strength), this non-uniformity may not be noticeable, but on pieces of 1/4” or 3/8” glass, the disparity can be visible, particularly on shelves and mirrors.

Ground edges have a consistent finish with a satin appearance, reducing the reflectivity through the edge of the glass or mirror. On a 1/4” mirror, ground edges help make the edge’s appearance almost imperceptible.

Polished edges are produced by buffing the edge of the glass with a fine abrasive material and polishing oil. The result is a beautifully translucent finish. Flat polished edges are excellent options for the thicker glass used in shelves and frameless shower enclosures.

In addition to the options pictured, there are more available, such as ogee, triple pencil polish (waterfall), wave, or chipped. Occasionally, these specialty edges are available on stock items, but they typically have to be custom fabricated at an additional cost.


All-Brite Glass is the ultimate source for solar, decorative and security film options on your home windows. Solar, decorative and security films can be used throughout the home, including outside windows and interior glass. They provide maximum solar and security protection and enhance the look of the glass in your home.



Seamless glass wine rooms and wine cellars provide a clean, modern aesthetic, with the added benefit of transparency to display your wine collection.

All-Brite Glass has refined its glass wall and doors systems to the point that they can rightly be classified Wine-Cellar-Grade. With tolerances (i.e. gaps between glass) of less than 4mm, we have perfected the art of creating a fully-sealed environment with glass.

Creating a glass structure is not difficult. Creating a fully-sealed glass enclosure capable of sustaining a controlled climate is much more of a challenge. If you are considering installing glass walls and doors in your wine cellar, lean on our expertise and experience. The process has to be done right. If not, the wine cellar won’t function properly. There could be condensation issues and excessive strain put on your wine cellar’s cooling unit.

Glass Boards

Glass boards are an elegant solution for collaboration and a statement piece for any space. Glass boards never stain or ghost. Your notes and presentations will always look sharp and fresh. Precision-crafted glass boards are strong, safe, and look brand new for a lifetime.

Glass Boards are yours to design. Customize everything about your board, from the size and glass colour, to custom graphics and magnetic or non-magnetic.


The ultimate finish touch to your bathroom retreat!

When you take a shower, you expect to feel refreshed and relaxed. However, your shower might be preventing that. If you’re wondering how a luxurious, frameless shower could improve your daily living, consider the following benefits.



All-Brite Glass’s glass pool fences are extremely popular. They make the pool stand out, while complying with legal security standards. Our fences limit access to the pool, without hindering the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Our fences are high-end, elegant, transparent products that offer a fenceless look and allow for panoramic surveillance. Unlike other conventional fences, which block the sun’s rays, our glass pool fences allow you to enjoy the sun longer on hot, clear days.

Highly robust, little maintenance
All-Brite Glass makes our pool fences with tempered glass, a sturdy product that can withstand our Canadian winters and last a long time. Tempered glass is the best-known option for a fence’s lifespan.

Another undeniable advantage of a glass fence is the ease of maintenance. The glass panels don’t rust and can be cleaned with rainwater or soap for glass. We use stainless steel accessories, which are corrosion-proof, to ensure a longer life.